Foundation Software

Flexible Foundation Grant Management, Allocations and Impact Reporting

Social Solutions offers Apricot for Funders software, a completely flexible and secure online solution for foundations of all sizes and types, whether corporate, family, private, community or institutional.

Online grant solicitations and applications are safe, simple and secure for both grantors and applicants. Scheduling site reviews, application assessments and formal or informal scoring is efficient and easy. Reporting by supported agencies and grantees is user-friendly and accessible from any Internet-based computer. Trouble-free to create and share output, outcome and ROI charts and graphs, the entire process can now be streamlined to provide all stakeholders with the information needed to make every grant dollar count.

Deliver more mission® and easily measure foundation impact on individuals, agencies and the broader community with Apricot for Funders – the affordable and reliable solution, chosen by hundreds of grantors, to fit your needs and budget.

One of the features that has made my work as a Grant Director easier is the remote access to applications, reports and uploaded materials…

Sheri Warren, MPA, Director of Grant Programs
Potomac Health Foundation


Foundation Grants Management Software

Single or multiple online grant solicitations and applications are now the norm for efficient foundations. Apricot for Funders online grants management software provides a centralized, web-based application platform for your applicants and your supported agencies. With the ability to host multiple-stage and multiple-grants simultaneously, Apricot for Funders provides a effective tool for grant applications, reviews and awarding processes. And with 99.9% guaranteed solution uptime, Safe Harbor and UK Protection Act compliance, Apricot for Funders is the ideal choice for your foundation grant management software.


Foundation Impact Management

Managing all the indicators of your foundation impact process in one place is now possible. Apricot Software tracks your community investment in one centralized database. Ad hoc foundation reporting provides the macro and micro perspective you need to allocate resources of staff and funding. Prove ROI for all stakeholders. Apricot for Funders is the solution chosen by hundreds of foundations – in the US, UK and Canada. Join our many prestigious foundation customers and take your impact to the next level.


Volunteer Tracking Software for Foundations

While streamlined volunteer tracking is essential for both large and small non-profits, it is often time-consuming, expensive and cumbersome. Apricot volunteer tracking software takes care of the details of volunteer management, as a component of your grants management software, so you can focus on your impact. With a few clicks, volunteers can track their interests, availability, project assignments and time sheets – all secure and from any location. Easily schedule, review and manage their progress with one-stop Apricot for Funders software tools.


Foundation Scholarship Management Software

Many foundations offer scholarships to students in a variety of interest areas. Thanks to the Apricot online scholarship management system, foundations can simplify their scholarship process to more effectively address the mission of the foundation. With the Apricot scholarship application software, students can review the scholarships you offer and apply for the scholarships that most align with their interests. Foundation staff can review and score student applications. Lastly, scholarship recipients can easily report their progress back to the foundation. With Apricot, this can all be accomplished online in a safe and secure environment. At any step in the process, staff can create ad hoc reports of their scholarships and results.


Foundation Contact Relationship Management (CRM)

Customer or Contact Relationship Management (CRM) is a model for managing your foundation’s interactions with current and future stakeholders. Apricot for Funders CRM tools provide online, flexible, easy-to-use and uniquely affordable technology to organize, automate, and synchronize contacts of all kinds, including nonprofits, board members, general volunteers, donors and others.

Apricot for Funders provides the system to track, record, store all of your contact demographic, background and activity data and then mine the information in a way that builds strong relationships. Apricot for Funders was designed by a nonprofit CRM expert for nonprofits; it is not a “sales” tool that requires expensive customization to retro-fit it for nonprofit use.

A major goal of Apricot for Funders CRM tools is to automatically schedule suitable times to contact customers via phone, chat, email, calendar invitations or web. These can then be synchronized with your Apricot Google calendar – all in a secure Apricot dashboard environment.

calendar donor

Foundation Donor Software

Some foundations also support online giving by groups or individual donors. Apricot for Funders provides foundations with the ability to track and report on donors and manage/mine donor data. Automatically schedule suitable times to contact donors via phone, email, chat, or alternate method. These can then be synchronized with your Apricot Google calendar – all in a secure Apricot dashboard environment.

Automated and affordable Apricot for Funders tools help any size of type of foundation build and manage their network of supporters. With unlimited users and 24/7, completely secure online access, you can Deliver More Mission, instead of sorting paper or excel donor files. With our best-in-class partner, Bluefin Payment Systems, your foundation can process credit cards or ACH payments without foundation liability or concern about PCI compliance. Apricot for Funder donor tools – an integral part of the Apricot Funder software system, make finding a comprehensive and affordable donor management easier than ever before.