Food Services

Help the Hungry with Powerful Software

Your food bank, food pantry, congregate dining, meals-on-wheels program or other outreach nutrition programs are absolutely critical to your community. Hunger is a major problem in our country … you know that 14.5 percent of U.S. households—nearly 49 million Americans, including 15.9 million children—struggle to put food on the table. Do potential funders know the scope of the problem and the effectiveness of your nonprofit in dealing with hunger for those you serve? Is your organization making the biggest difference possible through the utilization of capacity building software? If you suspect you need assistance to better track what matters, collaborate with fellow providers and prove impact, take a look at Apricot Software.

Apricot Software ensures centralized, unduplicated client and service tracking for food shelves, meal programs and pantries around the world. Does your organization need to ensure unduplicated client services? Do you need to move food recipients quickly, efficiently and respectfully through your facilities? Would you like to ensure the best use of nutrition resources through collaboration with other nutrition providers in your community? Finally, do you need to prove results in order to raise donor and grant funds? The Apricot software solution can do all of that and more!


Beyond Basic Tools for Your Unique Needs

Apricot Software not only provides all the basic tools you need, it offers countless workflow and time-saver features. Easily schedule and communicate with volunteers, provide mapping and other delivery information support, utilize Apricot Dashboards to support internal info sharing and motivational impact reports, and generally improve communication between board members, volunteers, staff and other stakeholders – all with carefully designed access permissions, so users see only what is appropriate. Increase intake speed and service provision with scan-card tools, photos and handheld access (ipads, phones, etc.) Count on 100% security, data back up and disaster recovery. And, finally, enjoy the best customer service available.

18000 nonprofits

Confidence in Apricot Software

Social Solutions is proud to serve more than 18,000 nonprofits on three continents, many of which provide nutrition supplement programs as a part, or the focus, of their service provision. Apricot Software is designed by nonprofit experts for nonprofits, like yours. It is flexible, built in the latest easy-to-use technology and uniquely affordable. Track and report on what matters.

Apricot Software represents the most affordable and flexible non-profit software solution for basic needs services, including client, donor and volunteer tracking and outcomes management. Apricot Software is an all-in-one solution, proving your Outcomes Achievement™ to increase community impact and funding.