Faith-Based Services

Flexible and Secure for Faith-Based Service Providers

Faith-based nonprofits and charities around the world need a robust solution for their reporting and outcomes management. Increasingly, Apricot Software is the solution chosen by faith-based service providers. Apricot Software has successfully met the needs of all types of faith-based nonprofits; you must have a flexible and affordable solution that fits your organization’s unique, multiple services, and site requirements. Apricot Software can be quickly and easily deployed and used by all staff and volunteers.

Faith-based organizations have long been essential components of the US safety net. Congregations (including churches, synagogues, mosques, and temples) and social service organizations with religious roots (such as Catholic Charities and Lutheran Social Services) have provided emergency food and shelter, child care, and other forms of assistance, particularly for low-income Americans, for most of the 20th and 21st centuries.


Track What Matters and Collaborate with Ease

Faith-based organizations, regardless of their form of faith and worship, are fully committed to making life better for our most vulnerable citizens and holds those values at the core of their vision and mission. People of all ages, races, faiths, and economic levels are consistently provided with professional, confidential, and affordable services. Ensure that your technology tracking and collaboration tools easily, flexible and securely support your critical work. You can be 100% confident that Apricot Software will help you to deliver more mission.


Prove Impact

Faith-Based – large and small – trust Apricot Software for their data collection and exceptional Outcomes Achievement™ reporting requirements. If your organization is seeking best practice case management, Social Solutions has the solution you need. Impact and outcomes management are streamlined and effective with Apricot Software for faith-based organizations.

Most geographic areas of the US are supported by numerous faith-based service providers, most of which provide a wide range of critical human services, including (but not limited to) adoption, food shelves and pantries, other emergency basic needs, employment, housing, relocation, senior support, mental health, disaster recovery, family and child support services, and more. Apricot Software assists these important organizations in securely and affordably tracking and reporting both services and successful outcomes.