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Have you ever been asked, “What exactly is human services management?” Although it may seem like an obvious answer, many are not aware of the multiple ways that human services management organizations meet health, welfare and many other basic needs of society.

Human services organizations’ integral role in addressing these needs is precisely why human service management requires effective means to measure real outcomes of efforts. With reporting software developed specifically for human and social services by professionals with human and social services backgrounds, you can be assured that that your hard work— achieving effective and measurable results—will show.

Keep reading to find out how performance management software, tailored for human service providers, allows:

  • Measurement and reporting of the accomplishments that make a difference
  • More time to be spent on your mission and less time on reporting
  • Your organization to gain a better understanding of what works, by relating efforts to outcomes

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Make a Difference Via Measurable and Reportable Outcomes

Reports to funders often fail to tell the whole story of the hard work and accomplishments of human services agencies and organizations.

Web-based performance management software replaces one-size-fits-all data tracking with a human service management system tailored to your programs’ unique mission.

By giving you a clear and accurate measure of your impact, non profit management software helps human service providers and social service agencies like yours to improve delivery of service and secure additional funding.

Most importantly, with web-based human services software, you gain a time-saving tool to support the primary purpose of your organization: helping people.

Dedicate More Time to Your Mission and Less Time Reporting

Performance management software helps thousands of human services organizations, foundations, and government agencies slash reporting time from weeks and days to minutes.

A recent Rand Corporation study has shown that reporting-related tasks divert an average of 44 percent of a human service provider’s time away from his/her primary mission and client services.

To address this, we at Social Solutions have developed a web-based human services management software solution that captures information seamlessly as your staff works and generates essential reports with the click of a mouse.

Gain a Better Understanding of What Works by Relating Efforts to Outcomes

Efforts to Outcomes (ETO™) social services case management software by Social Solutions empowers you to relate your government or non-profit organization’s efforts directly to the intended outcomes, so you can see what’s working and replicate or refine those efforts.

Designed by human services professionals for human services management, ETO software was built with the needs of non-profit organizations and government agencies in mind and streamlines the process of outcomes measurement and performance management.

With ETO software’s outcome-based reporting, your government or non-profit organization has the ability to analyze trends, improve your programs’ impact, and attract additional funding.

With ETO Software, You Can:

  • Relate your service delivery efforts with their outcomes
  • Monitor the effectiveness of your efforts
  • Understand where you’re having the greatest impact
  • Adjust and continuously improve your service model
  • Identify, replicate, and share best practices
  • Report successes in minutes, not days or weeks
  • Attract more funding
  • Access sample program elements from our extensive library of research-based
    best practices

Learn more about our product suite of web-based software for human services below:

ETO™ Impact

ETO Impact is a comprehensive non-profit management and billing software program. This case management system allows you to easily customize intake with flexible demographics, track attendance and identify the needs of each participant, analyze trends, document the daily performance of caseworkers, and prepare detailed reports. ETO Impact is the ideal solution for the growing, medium, or large, central non-profit organization.

Expanded features include increased flexibility, a more robust menu, further reporting, reimbursement software features, and enhanced non-profit web software capability.

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ETO™ Collaborate

ETO Collaborate is a non-profit software solution designed to facilitate efficient coordination between various non-profit organizations, NGOs, human service providers and government agencies. Use it to coordinate billing, or as case management software. Relevant information is disclosed to trusted parties while ensuring a high level of security. Users will also be granted access to multiple coordinated agencies, thereby guaranteeing that they receive more comprehensive benefits.

With the ETO Collaborate web-based software for client services, you can take your collaborative non-profit human services efforts to a whole new level.

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