Non-Profit Case Management Software

For non profit organizations, it is important to find comprehensive nonprofit case management software solutions that measure, effect, and report your efforts and the meaningful outcomes of your organization’s work. Matching funding and resources to a nonprofit organization’s  effective social services can be difficult for nonprofits, and in today’s economic climate, it becomes ever more important to demonstrate tangible evidence in the positive impact of your nonprofit’s social services..

The remainder of this page is about the case management aspect of non profit software. Three options are also featured which fit non profit organizations of various sizes looking for case management software. If you would like to get in touch with a software specialist to discuss your situation further, please contact us here.

Efforts to Outcomes (ETO™) software by Social Solutions was developed by several experienced nonprofit social service professionals who wished to improve upon the non profit software management systems that had been standard in the industry. Designed with the nonprofit and management experience of professional case workers, the ETO social services software was built to help nonprofits streamline organizational efficiency, boost efficacy, and get the best return on investment.

ETO™ Impact

ETO Impact is a comprehensive non profit case management software solution. This version of the ETO platform builds on the basic features of our ETO Fundamentals software, adding expanded utility and performance management software tools.

With increased flexibility, a more robust menu of software features, additional reporting options, and enhanced non profit web software, ETO Impact is a foundational nonprofit management system.

ETO™ Collaborate

ETO Collaborate is our non profit case management software platform built for coordination between various non profit organizations, NGOs, and government agencies.  This version of our ETO nonprofit software system  allows pertinent information to be shared among collaborating nonprofits and agencies, while ensuring privacy and security across the software.

With the ETO Collaborate software platform, you ensure that your target community has all the resources to best achieve comprehensive assistance.

Customized Case Management Software

ETO software from Social Solutions is a nonprofit management software system that couples standard case management functionality, such as activity tracking, participant tracking, and non profit donor CRM, with advanced participant outcome tracking. This robust nonprofit software platform provides complete solutions for non profit social services management and participant outcomes reporting. This results-focused approach to case management  gives non profit organizations a complete, comprehensive, and integrated understanding of the results  their social services are producing .

ETO software is tailored for nonprofits to be case management software that goes beyond traditional social services software. ETO software provides concrete statistics on your nonprofit’s efforts, tracks participant progress, and helps management understand the impact of your non  profit’s various services, activities, and programs.. With this software solution, executive directors and other nonprofit  management leaders will be able to make continual adjustments to improve  the services your nonprofit delivers tothe community.

The Benefits of Outcomes Software

Performance management software is the glue that ties together intended outcomes, the effectiveness of service delivery, and the actual outcomes of the hard work put into the services your non profit organization delivers. This will ensure that you create the biggest impact for your community in need.

Outcome measurement software can also be a tremendous asset in helping nonprofit organizations win grants, get new donations, and otherwise secure funding from government and private sources.

ETO Software Can Transform The Way You Serve Your Communities


About Social Solutions

Social Solutions is the leading provider of case management software for non profit social service providers, connecting efforts to outcomes, people to social services, and service providers and communities to funders.

ETO software goes beyond merely addressing a nonprofit’s case management needs, enabling public, private, and nonprofit organizations, such as Harlem Children’s Zone, Catholic Charities, United Way, Annie E. Casey Foundation, HUD, and cities such as Boston and Hartford to collaborate, save time, and improve quality and effectiveness.

To learn how ETO software can be the perfect nonprofit case management solution for your non profit organization, contact us today!


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