ETO Inside

The human services sector is ready for performance management. Service providers understand the need to collect data in a manner that enables improvement, but many lack the capacity to do so. The imperative is growing stronger to build this capacity in order to identify and replicate best practice. From high-profile federal initiatives like Promise Neighborhoods to organizations that have grown from the ground up, measuring outcomes and managing performance continues to become the expectation rather than the exception.

“ETO Inside” is the name we’ve given to the growing movement of organizations who not only recognize the importance of performance management but also share their passion proudly. If you are one of these organizations, and would like to be recognized here, please send us your agency’s logo, the website/URL you would like the logo to link back to, and the color you would like for your ETO Inside badge.

“ETO Inside” is not a proclamation of success but rather of commitment. Whether it be as an organization, or more broadly as a sector: we can do better—and we will strive to do so.


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