Core Values

Nonprofits are an integral resource, providing services and programs that meet the societal demands that other sectors fail to tend to. Provided with the correct tools and resources, non profits can exceed their goals while effectively meeting the imperatives of their mission.


Social Solutions makes database technology easier, more accessible for all levels of users. By providing a simple user interface and navigation ability that removes the barriers to performing complicated tasks, the ease of Apricot and ETO allows organizations to streamline their workflow


Existing on a fully modifiable, organic platform, Social Solutions’ products allows your database to grow and change alongside your organization. Administrators in the database have the ability to modify, re-arrange, and accommodate new processes, workflows, and services into your solution.


Data security is one of Social Solutions; core values. We are continuously updating servers and protection mechanisms. Apricot utilizes state of the art data centers, with multiple daily backups, to ensure that your data is fully secured and recoverable. Databases are HIPAA and Safe Harbor certified, and your data is encrypted and transferred via 256bit Secure Socket Layer.